Friday, 29 July 2011

Ramblings and Anecdotes Before I Forget

July 29, 2011; 18:20
Location: All over SE Asia
Why: 8. You know you're a professional full-time traveler when you've made a 50ml tube of Colgate last 7+ weeks...for the rest, read on...

Ramblings and anecdotes while they're still freshly baked in my head:

1. Same same but Different - should I get one of these t-shirts?

2. Where you from? Where you go?

3. I give you today see-pecial price!

4. Sawadee kha! (female), Sawadee khap! (male) - hello in Thai; Khap kune kha (Khap) - thank you

5. Sabaidee! - hello in Lao; Khob Jai - thank you; Khob jai lai lai - thank you very much

6. I must reeeaally look young because even the Thais and Laos think I'm 22 yrs old - sweet!

7. Lao bud is no BC bud BUT when in Lao and given the op to shmogg some Lao weed, it's great!

8. You know you're a professional full-time traveler when you've made a 50ml tube of Colgate last 7+ weeks:

9. I burst with pride when I see another Canadian Flag attached to someone's backpack. Proud eh? You bet! (insert cheese here):

10. I just met a Canadian Italian guy name Veto with a Canadian/Italian flag tattooed on his arm. The best part? He's from Dunbar, Vancouver. Proud? Yes indeed.

11. Buy travel medical insurance! So glad I did. Pai hospital bill, you're going down baby.

12. I really love the sound of Professional Full-Time Traveler. I just wished I got paid for it. Hmmm....(wheels in head starts turning)

13. Traveling makes me miss Vancouver to the tits, I mean bits. Feldman's post of the Flying Pigeon made me cry. Go to his FB wall - it's wonderful and was entirely shot in Vancouver.

14. Meditating in Chiang Mai has helped me be more kind, compassionate and most of all patient:

15. That Muay Thai training still makes me feel like a hardcore badass Asian.

16. Sometimes I have to tell myself "T.I.A." - This Is Asia. Lately, it's been T.I.L. - This Is Lao (good and bad)

17. Picking up a pair of knock off Ray Ban Aviators for 40, 000Kip (read: 5bucks) and riding on an elephant definitely makes me feel like a hardcore badass Asian:

18. The Irish: "That dress cost a dear, like." - translation: Like, that dress was expensive.

19. "I'm sweatin' my tits off" - Lyndsay McMullan, Northern Ireland and Meditating/Muay Thai training/Pai hospital partner in crime.

20. "Maybe tomorrow, I'll wanna settle down. Until tomorrow, I'll just keep movin' on" - The Littlest Hobo, TV Ontario.

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