Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Now Hiring: Professional Full Time Co-Traveler

Thursday September 22, 2011; 9:35
Location: Dong Nai, Vietnam
Why: Now accepting applications worldwide!

Wanderin' The Globe is seeking an outstanding individual to join our team of one as a Professional Full Time Co-Traveler currently based somewhere in Vietnam. However, in the near future, this will be location independent. Read: somewhere on Planet Earth.

Reporting directly to one's self, the Co-Traveler is responsible for managing their day to day operation waking up and living in the moment. That moment can be a wake up call of throwing a pillow at his/her co-worker's head (Davie Pocstar) and suggesting a cool place for breakfast. Or a quick run around the block, wherever that may be.

Breakfast (or lunch) can look like this:

Lunch or dinner can definitely look like this:

Wanderin' The Globe is a dynamic and rapidly growing manifestation of indefinite nomadic world travel. This position offers a great opportunity for the successful candidate to showcase their sense of adventure and open mindedness to globe trotting.

***Please note below job description also pertains to the Traveler currently residing in this role***

  • Reports to one's self and Co-Traveler on daily basis to determine the goals or adventures for the day
  • Is conscientious and courteous to the Co-Traveler and any travelers that may join them at any given moment.
  • Understands that each day may bring different energy and can effectively communicate this. Read: If candidate needs "alone time", Co-Traveler needs to know. And vice versa.
  • Oversees all aspects of one's own happiness as it pertains to planet wandering, new experiences and discoveries.
  • Provides leadership, relationship building and direction for the daily functions of traveling.
  • Encourages and fosters a spirit of personal development and entrepreneurship - ideas on co-income earning is greatly encouraged
  • Conducts informal meetings (preferably over a pint or beverage of choice) to provide feedback, set goals and expectations, and follow up on past, present and future objectives.
Beverage and meeting book can look like this:

Beverage can also involve other travelers, friends or family members. Saying Cheers is a requirement:

Skills and Qualifications
  • Some, but not a lot of money required. However, the candidate must be able to provide for one's self in the daily life of budget travel. This can range anywhere from $25-35/day USD. May be less if candidate is open to sharing double rooms with twin beds. And maybe a double bed if hanky panky is mutually agreed upon.
  • Previous travel experience is preferred but not essential.
  • Strong communication skills at all levels, including eye contact in compromised situations.
  • Must be physically active but not necessarily an Ironman athlete.
  • Must DEFINITELY have a sense of adventure, humour, wonderment and like fart jokes.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and egoless nature.
  • Outgoing, energetic, upbeat and most of all F.U.N.!
Must like the Co-Traveler in helmets of various kinds:

Work Hours
This position is a 24hr a day job. Productivity is not required during sleeping hours. This may include siestas, Chang-overs, and dozing off to a crisp on a beach somewhere hot and sunny.
There will be occasional minutes (or hours) of cleaning up guesthouse/hostel rooms; if only because Co-Traveler does not want to be co-responsible for any items damaged or left behind in said living/sleeping quarters.
Position will require jaunts to border crossings, airports, bus and/or train stations as needed and at all possible hours of the day or night.
Border crossing may look like this:

Being on over night buses may look like this:

So, do you have what it takes? Are you Ting Tong enough for this job? Read: Are you crazy enough for this job?

If the answer is yes, please direct all inquiries to Davie Pocstar via Facebook, commenting on this post, or email. She is looking forward to your application.

One last thing, candidate MUST like bicycles with baskets in the front! MUST:

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