Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Dash of KL

Thursday December 1st, 2011; 10:41
Location: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Why: Seeing two huge towers and resisting religion.

Who finally grows some balls and exchanges her red bicycle for a cute pink Scoopy? **points both thumbs at self** This Girl!

But of course, I'll get to that in another post.

Were you impressed with yesterday's double entry? I was. Kay, that was really no pun intended. And that song kinda came unexpectedly. Beautiful. I love being creative.

And I digress so easily. Today, KL. That's short for Kuala Lumpur in backpacker lingo.

Before heading to the Cameron Highlands, the Melakan Refugees made a lovely pit stop at Cecilia's digs. After dinner at a very local joint, we strolled around a nearby park where you could see the stunning Petronas Towers in the near distance.

This sophisticated wonder illuminates like a beacon at night:

Here is my amazing crew on our evening stroll. I couldn't love them enough if I tried.
L-R: Eva, Billy, Cecilia, Roman:

When we eventually made our way back to Cecilia's, the evening was filled with music, laughter, rounds of tea and of course rounds of Shithead - this card game is addictive.

Just lounging around, no bigs. Photo courtesy Eva:

Flipping through the trusty Lonely Planet. Billy, the cutest Californian I've met so far. He's also a Dragon. Same same and my 333rd FB friend. We were meant to meet. Photo courtesy Eva:

A budding photographer? Yep! Hello, Killer Smile (: Photo courtesy Eva:

So easily distracted by cute boys...yeah so there's these two really big, tall towers in KL called the Petronas Towers. They are quite the buildings. Unfortunately, the walkway is 'under construction or inaccessible until December' which was a total bummer. All part of the game? No fair!

So I got the next best thing - Roman taking a photo of me with this bad boy:

For those of you who have been to KL and seen these towers, the next two pics will be like, "yah, been there, seen it". 

But I mean, holy shit! Stunning:

After our rendezvous to the Cameron Highlands, Eva and Billy hung a right and made for Penang. Roman and I hung a left and made our way back to KL. Cecilia, where are you? Wanna go see Immortals with us? Yay! So of course, Roman and I got to be with Cecilia one more night. We checked back into the guesthouse he was staying at previously, Oasis Guesthouse.

This unassuming backpacker's stop is conveniently located in the heart of KL's Chinatown. Close to great eats - my dream. Upon climbing the stairs, we came to a shoe graveyard. 

Ahhh, this is one of the sweet pleasures I get to see as a dirtbag backpacker. There's my trusty green Teva water shoes. I heart thee:

Knowing that I would be getting on a plane soon to head back to Ubud, Roman and I attempted some site seeing. We found a mosque that actually let us in?! Wow.

We weren't properly dressed. But not to worry, they had extra long robes for us to wear. Mine literally dragged on the ground like a bridal train. I had to walk around hiking it up like a wonton woman. Scandalous! Sometimes, I think the world is not built for five feet and under. But I am a trooper dammit!

Here I am appropriately dressed, head scarf and all. Photo courtesy Roman:

Religion is a strange thing to me. And maybe this is why I am so reluctant to follow any one faith. It has so many rules! I find it stifling. Nonetheless, I respect what others believe in. I respect what I believe in. My religion? "Get outside. See the world. Be fearless."

So many rules. So not for Davie. Photo courtesy Roman:

My adventure in Malaysia has been culturally enriching and socially satisfying. It is here that I met some of the most incredible people, life long friends I hope. It is here that I got googly for a boy way too young for me. It is here that I got to stay with a local. And it was here that I learned Ninjaaaa Destructionnnnn!

My mad dash in KL has only left me wanting more. I look forward to the day I find myself knocking on Cecilia's door. Maybe, the other Refugees will be there waiting for me.

This Is Not a Love Song

Wednesday November 30th, 2011; 17:18
Location: Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: The complicated beatings of my heart.

Well this has never happened before. Two posts in one day?? I'm actually going to post it tomorrow so you can have a chance to read about the Melakan Refugees' shenanigans first.

After proof reading today's post, the mere thought of a certain young lad conjured up some inspiration. He had said I was quite the poet. Really? Hmmm

As I was riding my bicycle home from the yoga studio, a melody formed in my head and I started humming it along Monkey Forest road. As it manifested, so did some words. By the time I parked my red two wheeler, I couldn't get the words out fast enough.

I scribbled madly in my sketchbook. 

The words poured out like a raging river. Some of it true, some part of the creative over flow:

Here are the results:

Your Lips I’ll Never Kiss
Wednesday, November 30, 2011; 5:03pm

So many times I try not to think of you
So many times before the day is through
I walk around to the places we have been
I look at all the things you and I have seen

They just remind me of the possibilities

Your lips I’ll never kiss
Your hands I’ll never hold
Your laugh I’ll always miss
Long before I grow old

Time passes by, the days are dull
When you were here, it was short but full
We walked and talked in a hazy swirl
Together, we were just a boy and a girl

It all reminds me of the possibilities

Your lips I’ll never kiss
Your hands I’ll never hold
Your laugh I’ll always miss
Long before I grow old

What has become of me
My heart unravels in misery
It bleeds with the thought I’ll never feel love again
My mind tells me to move on but I don’t know when

Yet all I know are possibilities

Your lips I’ll never kiss
Your hands I’ll never hold
Your laugh I’ll always miss
Long before I grow old

Ah, feck it, I'm posting it now.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Highlands of Cameron

Wednesday November 30th, 2011; 12:49
Location: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Why: Melakan Refugees representin'!!

Well, would you look at this, another post the very next day. Keep this up and I might develop a good habit.

Wednesday's Slow Flow class at Yoga Barn with Tania always teaches me something new. Today's new discovery was the word namaha. I love how it rolls off the tongue, delicious.

Right, so the boy smitten slumber is still creeping around in my head as I awoke this morning to thoughts of him slipping out of my dreams. **sigh** This too will pass.

Right, right. Time to get high. Up high. I'm talking Cameron Highlands high. Yeah baby.

After giving Billy a chance to taste some curry laksa, hand-eating Indian yumminess and of course, Ninjaaaa Destructionnnnnn!!!, we set off on a journey into the midsection of Malaysia Peninsular.

But, before going, our local superstar Cecilia took us to the lovely little island of Pulau Besar. There, we waded into the shallow waters, played some more Shithead, sunbathed - kinda, and missed the bus back to Melaka. The five of us managed to hitch a ride and squeezed into the tiny but pimpin' car of a local. I love these little adventures. Blaring drum n bass anyone?

L-R: Billy, Eva, Cecilia, Me, Roman:

When we finally packed our rucksacks and got onto the bus back to KL, Cecilia invited us for an over night slumber party at her apartment. Um, yes please!! How often does a local invite you to her home for games of Shithead, 70s music and Bornean delights? Once. How often are Melakan Refugees formed? Once.

Melakan Refugees, represent! Thanks for tagging Billy (:

 After spending as much time with Cecilia as we possibly could, we peeled ourselves away from her and got on another bus to the Cameron Highlands. What a beautiful little ride. Up and up we went. Into the mists, licking the clouds. The temperature cooled our acclimatized bodies. It was refreshing and dare I say, cold - kinda.

The purpose of the Highlands was to chill, literally. And experience the tea plantations. We got to Daniel's Lodge and piled into the tiny room that housed us refugees for a couple of nights. There was a double bed for me and Eva and a bunk bed for the boys. Billy took the top bunk and I said "So you're a top man are ya?" A-hahaha! Me - dirty mind all the time. Keeps me feeling like I'm still 23.

Right, back to business. We booked ourselves a full day tour to see the rufflesia flower by way of ATV into the muddy jungle before hopping off and hiking further into the depths of Cameron. Also, on the tour was a stop at a butterfly sanctuary, blow dart showcase and of course the Boh Tea Plantation.

And this is how you start a mud filled hike to find a giant flower (actually a giant fungus):

The juniors on the Melakan Refugee Team. Billy, 23; Eva, 21. I could eat them up whole, with some Thosai Masala and a glass of Teh Tarik:

And here are the seniors of the Team. Me, 35; Roman, 34. Wunderbar! No, not the chocolate bar.  That's German for 'wonderful' in case you're scratching your head:

I digress too easily.

Okay, this rafflesia flower is one far out plant. It is only found in SE Asia, namely in Malaysia, Indo, Thailand and the 'Pines. This plant has no stems, leaves or roots. And, from our guide, it is actually a fungus. Go figure. It has a five-petaled flower, can weigh up to 10 kilos and grow to 100cm in diameter. We weren't allowed to touch it. Also, it only blooms once every 9 months and last only a few days. So needless to say, it is somewhat of a rare plant.

Here is rafflesia in all her glory. When she is done showing off, she will decompose into a vile smell for insects to devour:

When she is dying, she'll look like this. I love the ugly beauty of death sometimes:

After oohing and ahhing about this most curious plant, we hiked back down the jungle mountain to our ATV for the bumpiest mud ride of our lives. I don't even know how to articulate how funny it was for us Refugees flying off our seats in the back of the jeep. It is something special only us four will ever know. So of course, there are no photos to show this. But alas, that ride will forever be stored in my heart along with the laughs that came from that experience.

Right, so that was some giant flowers. Next stop was a blow dart showcase where we got to blow a lethal dart using a very long pipe. The tip of the dart is dipped into the sap of the Ipoh tree, a poisonous rubber substance that can kill an elephant in 10 minutes.

Here I am having a go at blow darting. **Smugs quietly as she hits the target dead on, yeah baby**

Blow darting done, we go and have lunch before making our way to the Boh Tea Plantation. I'm not even going to try and describe what the scenery was like way up here in the tea plantations. I have no words to explain the colour of the dewy green that glistened in the sun. It was simply majestic; still and confident. It carpeted the rolling landscape like giant moss.

Get ready for some stah-nning pics:

The four of us ooohed and ahhhed and holy-shit-this-is-effing-gorgeous like school kids. Then we got sophisticated and ordered some tea and sweets **reminisces delicately holding the tea cup whilst pinky is in the air, sipping like a Lady**

Tea time aside, we filed back into the jeep for the butterfly sanctuary. 

Beautiful creatures, but sad that they are trapped inside this "sanctuary":

While the butterflies themselves weren't anything to write home about, it was the geckos that delighted us more. 

Totally opposite from the quick house geckos dotting SE Asia, these lil guys are beyond chilled:

They are also attracted to black. Two made their way around Roman, hanging out on his arm and stuff, NBD:
Besides the wonderful adventures of the Cameron Highlands, it was the time I spent with my Melakan Refugees that was the most fun and rewarding. Intensely private and deep conversations around the campfire (our lodge had a campfire!!) and more rounds of Shithead. These are the stuff bonds are made of.

Melaka Mash Up in Malaysia

Tuesday November 29th, 2011; 12:52
Location: Melaka, Malaysia

It's especially hot today. So I'm enjoying a refreshing tamarind ginger lemon drink at my favourite hangout, Sopa. The wifi is fast, the food vegetarian and the staff beyond sweet. Life is good.
And I'm devouring my vegan mango coconut pie:

That cutie pie, Calyiapee, is going to make me another spider soup with strawberries, her specialty:

She's three and wearing the same dress when I saw her last. Her parents Marlin and Duncan are from Salt Spring Island. It is indeed a small world.

Right, so I said I'd write about Malaysia. More specifically, Melaka.

After Cambodia, next stop was Malaysia Peninsular. A short flight landed me in Kuala Lumpur airport from Phnom Penh on November 3rd. I skipped the slick capital and made a beeline for the historical city of Melaka. On the recommendation from John, the cute blue eyed French photographer I had met a few months back, I booked myself into Jalan Jalan Guesthouse. Best recommendation I have been given yet.

4:11pm - Yoga class interruption....feeling blissed out. My busy mind is slowly finding it's calm once again.

The energy and vibe at Jalan Jalan Guesthouse was so incredible that many of the people I met there kept staying on longer and longer. Lazy mornings without any goals except wondering where we can find some more curry laksa was de rigueur.

Oh curry laksa, your lusciousness still lingers on my lips:

It is so easy to fall in love with Melaka. This laid back world heritage city has enough architectural interest without building overload. It's inhabitants of Indians, Chinese, Malays and Foreigners co-exist peacefully. The winding canal is reminiscent of Venice with an Asian/Dutch twist. I spent hours carousing it's curvacious turns and underpasses.
I even stopped for an obligatory self portrait:

Though I didn't find any of Space Invader or Banksy's work, I especially loved watching the graffiti artists doing their magic. I've always loved street art and it's f*#k you establishment attitude. Delightfully enough, the street art here was harmonious with the Melakan culture. It was quite refreshing.

Enjoying an artist at work while observing from the other side of the canal:

One of the reasons I fell in love with Melaka are the impossibly cute and cosy cafes and shops. Forget the cookie cutter corporate variety. Come to Melaka and you will discover gems holding you in their nests until closing time. Such was the case with Nicholas and I when we literally opened and closed a cafe one day; I blogging, he applying for a job online. Subtle flirtations slipped between us.

One of my favourite cafes was the quaint Limau Limau. Upstairs will have you stepping into a Paris flat. Perhaps an Italian's writing studio. Lounge long enough and one may just pull out their sketch book for a quick drawing session of it's rustic surroundings.

Wishing I had an inspiration pad like this in Paris:

And here, a melt-my-heart little shop of all things hand made. I mean, a vintage sewing machine and bicycle! Somebody pull down my knickers and pinch me please:

In case I haven't mentioned in previous posts, Melaka has definitely been one of the highlights on my globe wanderin'. Mostly due to the irresistibly fun travelers and locals I've met here. 

Shout outs in no particular order:
The Germans: Roman, Eva, Martin; Nathan (US), Nicholas (France/UK), Cecilia (Borneo), Zaffar (India), Laureen (France - je t'aime), Rick (Oz), Lee(Israel/Can), Sandra (Switzerland), Billy (US), Mark (Van), Arjan (Holland). Am I missing anyone?

Together, the Jalan Jalan Posse played hours of Shithead, scouted out Indian eats, had a wonderful movie date night followed by the friggin' COOLEST game ever invented to mankind - Ninja Destruction. This game will have you balleting, high kicking, karate chopping and diving for your opponent's hand unleashing the ninja within. This game is so infectious, we had many locals crowding around the grassy field where we were playing. Before long, we had taught them the basics, thus spreading the Ninja Destruction Movement. Perhaps you have heard this game. Either way, I cannot wait to teach this when I return to Canada.

Here is an example of Ninja Destruction. I love Nathan's stance in the background - balletic:

Here is Rick being a stealth Ninja ready to strike. And Eva (in blue dress) may look innocent until, BAMM! she'll take you down with her killer looks and killer quick hands:

The Jalan Jalan Posse was a mash up of good times. We owned China Town. Jonker Walk never saw such a motley crew of Ninjas on the move. We found ourselves crawling into our dorm beds only in the wee hours of the morning, some not even making it back until lunch time the next day. You know who you are **wink** 

Like all good things, everything must come to an end. It is all part of the game. Near the end of my days at Jalan Jalan, I said goodbye to Nick and Martin as they boarded a bus to Singapore. Two cuties gone. Sad.

Then another cutie showed up, courtesy of Cecilia's sharp instincts. Oh, hello Billy. Welcome to Jalan Jalan and may you enjoy your stay with us. Btw, you coming to the Cameron Highlands with us in a couple of days? Yay!

And then the Melakan Refugee Team was born. But that will be tomorrow's post

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Awakening From My Boy Smitten Slumber

Monday November 28, 2011; 14:33
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: A wild spin in the love blender is all part of The Game.

I am inside Kue cafe, Ubud. Famished after an intense workout at Ubud Fitness Center.

If I was on my mac right now, I could add the accent at the end of Kue - so much sexier:

But Acer One's capabilities will suffice, I suppose.

In the past 3+ weeks, I have been distracted by a certain young lad who set my heart a flutter without even trying. And me, without even looking for it. I love how the inner workings of our hearts just feels whatever it wants to feel, without rhyme or reason. It takes us for a wild spin in the love blender. And when the blender stops, the feeling of sadness is painful and beautiful at the same time.

As the days pass and I slowly awaken from my boy smitten slumber, I am reminded that this travel lifestyle is all part of the game. The intense moments I've shared with people make me feel more alive than any temple or museum I may wander into. I've had so many alive moments that it has left me exhausted.

Suffice to say, I am happy to stay put for a little while. My new home in Ubud suits me well, despite the initial hiccup I experienced with my housemate, a lovely Australian woman whom I can learn a lot from. After letting go of my ego and all the stories I'd manifested in my head, I realized I stumbled upon quite a gem. The dust has settled. The cute young lad is gone, though I remain hopeful that we will meet again one day.

So, I continue to live passionately and in the moment.

Right now, I am passionately savouring my Creme brulee with coconut:

I am content with days of yoga, running, and cycling around Ubud. It is nice to be anonymous again. I am free, uninhibited. I am who and where I want to be.

I am also in love with the frog that hangs around my house. He hops around fearless of me.

I even found him hanging outside my bedroom:

As long as I don't find him sleeping next to me in bed, I think we will live harmoniously together. I'd much rather a certain Monkey in my bed instead. You know who you are *wink*

Always the boy crazy gal that I am, I sign off with the promise to snap out of my reverie and write about...Malaysia! Tomorrow.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Full With Thoughts

November 27, 2011; 10:10
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: I can't seem to remember anything else but you.

My mind is full, bursting over.
With all the things I can't remember.
Every little single memory
Reminds me of you
     -The Time We Lost Our Way, by Thievery Corporation

I can't seem to remember anything else but you.

It has been two days since you left. Again. For the third time. My mind is full with thoughts.
Your lips part to reveal an easy laughter, amused at yet another innuendo I probably made.

Your perfectly shaped legs leisurely sauntered alongside mine as we walked through the sloping landscape:

I linger on the heat between your skin and clothes each time we hugged.
I'm still savouring the contours of your stomach, each curve that sent little shivers down my spine.
The mosquito net above is a reminder of you laying next to me if only for a moment in time when we contemplated possibilities.

My eyes are still locked into yours each time we raised our drink. They are green, sometimes hazel. They are caring yet mischievous:

Each place we have been to is an instant tableau, etched in my memory.
Every moment I stole a glance at you is flashing through my mind. Your scent also lingers.
You let me to be my tactile self, allowing sweet morsels of happiness on my fingertips.

I can't seem to remember anything else but you.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Heart on My Sleeve

Friday November 18th, 2011; 11:03
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: Coincidence or fate?

It is the next day since we said good bye. Again.

Was it a coincidence or fate that we would bump into each other on a street in Ubud? What are the odds? And what is the universe trying to tell us? Are we meant to have this time together, short as it may be? Is the universe testing our morality on your unavailability? So many questions. So little answers.

You slipped away from me. I quietly wear my heart on my sleeve for you. 

A 'simple, country boy' - you bear a humble gentleness of humility and grace.

You wandered into my world and filled my imagination with sweet, sweet possibilities.

I bid you safe travels but wish you to come back, just to see your beautiful face and hear your lovely voice one more time.

Thank you for making my heart flutter.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Friends Frozen in Travel Time: Part One

Thursday November 10th, 2011; 14:13
Location: Ireland and all over SE Asia
Why: To the travelers I've met on the road, this one's for you!

I have seen and experienced some amazing things so far on my little adventure. From climbing the stairs at Angkor Wat to diving in Koh Tao to sunrises at Jungle Beach. I have felt happiness that left a lightness in my heart. I have witnessed poverty that made me want to run back to my privileged life in Canada. I met an angel who sold me my protective glow-in-the-dark bracelet.

And I have also met some incredible people in my travels. These experiences sometimes are so intense, I am left emotionally shattered afterwards. The relationships I've built in these short voyages have been more authentic than with people I've known for years.

They become my friends frozen in travel time. Some, I am sure I will see again back in Canada (hello Dan and Elise! Hi Mark from Joyce station!). Some, I may visit in their home country (hello Cecco, Nicholas, Brian-Google baby!) Some whom I'll likely never see again. And some whom I shoulda joined on a bicycle tour around the globe (hi Edam Cheese!)

Nonetheless, of all the wonderful things I've done in the past few months, it has definitely been the people I've met that has been the most rewarding and greatest gift world travel has given me.

To honour my friends frozen in travel time, here is but a few of the many lives that have touched, moved and inspired me. In no particular order:

Rory+Laura: Friends of Jen and Hale; she's Canadian, he's Irish. She moved to Galway to be with him. Awwww.
Laura taking a photo at the Cliffs of Moher:

Amy: She's the tallest woman I've ever met at 6'2" and a Canucker studying medicine with Hale. She also placed 2nd in the local triathlon in May!
James Duffy: A 26 yr old, American expat who's been living in Galway for 11-13 years; going to school studying IT, so cute; talked over coffee/cake when we failed to find the veggies I needed to make dinner.

Judith: 25, from Netherlands; my first bunk mate at Nappark hostel near Khao San Road. We ate corn together and watched an episode of Departures when the guys go to Ayutthaya. Then she went there. And then I went there. Oh the seduction of this show.....
Anne: Swedish. She told me about the International Buddhist Center; met her on the street while asking for directions; had dinner with her before she went to Koh Tao. And later, I went to Koh Tao.

Ed+Airan: Met on the bus and ferry to Koh Tao; Ed is British and the owner of Barricuda Restaurant; Airan is a Thai drag queen at the Queen's Cabaret next door; they have been dating for 4 years.
Kester: Gorgeous Scottish yoga owner and instructor of Shambhala Yoga; sadly he has a girlfriend; he is an amazing instructor with great energy. I giggled like a school girl around him.
Matthew Butler: 40something Aussie; photographer; met at yoga; sold his business to travel the world. He writes lovely stories - some which I may interpret with illustrations. Thanks for recommending Catfish and Mandala. He also wears lululemon!
Andreas: Gorgeous 23 yr old blond German living in England; in KT to get his dive masters; approached me on the beach and flirted big time; I would be robbing the cradle though…..

THAILAND: Chiang Mai
Lyndsay: This lanky 19 year old blondie from Belfast has the best trucker mouth this side of the world. Together, we meditated, sweated our tits off in Muay Thai training, and puked our guts out in Pai. Too bad we never found any weed.
This chic is all legs:

Chimene: If I was gay, I would totally mac this Chinese/Brazilian free spirit currently living in Taiwan. Oh yeah, she also gave me the cutest haircut at A Little Bird Guesthouse.

Tattoo on her foreward? That's hot. She's hot:

Nancy: How many Hondurans does one meet in their travels in SE Asia? One. Nancy. Passionate, impossibly beautiful. Loved the tattoo she got at Monkey Tattoo in Pai.

LAOS: Luang Prabang:
John: Together, John and I officially founded the title Professional Full-Time Traveler. We compared travel gear and watched the world go by on the slow boat to Laos from Thailand. We shared a moment observing graffiti in Chiang Mai where we originally met. I got lost in his sky blue eyes. He winked goodbye as I watched him depart for Vientiane until he disappeared into the horizon.

John's eyes are as blue as his shirt - incredible:

Erin, Nick, Andy: Along with John, this was my crew for the first part of Luang Prabang. Together, we splashed around at a waterfall, laughed historically at bowling, played Cheat whiled stoned and smoked a whole bunch on the hookah pipe at Utopia.
Adam Bell: Passing moments with Adam left me longing to cycle with him around the world. A fellow vegetarian and movie date nights at L'Entranger Tea n Books. We laughed over beer Lao comparing technical gear. And the best part, we kissed. Twice. Sadly, I don't have a picture of him.

LAOS: Vang Vieng:
Christian: This 18 year old kid is going places. An inspiring soul doing so much good in the world. I aspire to have the humanity he possesses.
Sarah: This brit had so much love and passion for the Lao Organic Farm where we volunteered. 100% admiration for her efforts.

Ashleigh: This crazy, free spirited girl from Australia is an enigma. Is she Samoan? Asian? Black? I still don't know. She crashed in my dorm room for a week without paying by sharing a bed with this guy name Joe (?). We met up again in Hoi An where she bought a motorbike and ended up driving to Saigon with NO SHOES. Love this chicky.

Hoi An:
Arnau: We hung out together in this pretty city. Then shared some personal insights on an overnight journey to Nha Trang before I hopped off to find Jungle Beach. We later met up in Saigon and partied with some friends at Koko lounge. He is the best light traveler I've met so far - I am envious.

Jungle Beach:
***There is a whole blog post dedicated to the peeps I met at Jungle Beach - by far my favourite place in Vietnam. This is where the idea of friends frozen in travel time originated. My heart aches at how much I miss Dan+Elise, Cecco, Marian+Tracy, Elie+Tatyana, Antony, Nico+Sebastian, Stephanie+Luke.

Magdalena: Through my friend Austin, I met this incredible Polish beauty. Her face and spirit bely her 39 years. Her hospitality and passion for life and travel is so inspiring that I will be heading back to Ubud. I can't wait to see her again.

***The posse at Jalan Jalan Guesthouse is currently blowing my brains with happiness. With vagabonds from everywhere including Germany, France, America and Canada, I have not been able to peal myself away from this place. Last night, Laureen (who is actually staying at Sama Sama Guesthouse) taught us Ninja Destruction.

I have GOT to teach this to the peeps back home. Here is Laureen being a superstar Ninja:

Roman: This shy German has been saying he'll "stay a couple more nights" for the past 3 weeks. He's been traveling for almost one year now and like me, has a no-plan itinerary. In his fast talking German accent, I find myself saying "say that again" to him a lot, lol.

Walking home after a few hours of Ninja Destruction:

Nicholas: This ridiculously cute British/French is sitting next to me again at the same cafe still applying for this internship online. I'm writing another blog the very next day! He's a good excuse in getting me to bang out words on my netbook. Bless him. I am in denial that he will be leaving for Singapore tomorrow. Will we ever see each other again? I may just have to give him a big sloppy kiss - if I can muster up the balls to do it. He's 22. Is this robbing the cradle?

A leftie. So hot!

Strolling back to Jalan Jalan after playing Ninja Destruction in the park. L-R: Nicholas, Martin, Lee:

I am half way through my globe wandering. And can't wait to meet many more amazing people on this wonderful journey. One Love.

For Part Two, check back in another six months.