Thursday, 17 November 2011

Heart on My Sleeve

Friday November 18th, 2011; 11:03
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: Coincidence or fate?

It is the next day since we said good bye. Again.

Was it a coincidence or fate that we would bump into each other on a street in Ubud? What are the odds? And what is the universe trying to tell us? Are we meant to have this time together, short as it may be? Is the universe testing our morality on your unavailability? So many questions. So little answers.

You slipped away from me. I quietly wear my heart on my sleeve for you. 

A 'simple, country boy' - you bear a humble gentleness of humility and grace.

You wandered into my world and filled my imagination with sweet, sweet possibilities.

I bid you safe travels but wish you to come back, just to see your beautiful face and hear your lovely voice one more time.

Thank you for making my heart flutter.


  1. I miss hearing your boy flavoured rants... If waiting to catch a delayed flight to bavaro beach.. safe travels..

  2. thanks babe. i'm a poetic sap. will always be passionately boy crazy.

    miss you bunches.