Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Couch Surfers and a Sunset

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011; 18:38
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: Baby bananas, ducks sunsets and surfers. Oh my.

I have been back in Ubud for 2+ weeks now. Life is refreshingly chilled beyond my expectations. I love the home I am in. My house mate tells the most intriguing stories of her 13 years of travel and I'm learning so much from her.

Some of the yoga classes I'm taking at the Yoga Barn finish around sunset and one day, I thought, I need to see a sunset proper.

This is the view when I do yoga at 'the Barn'. It's tough, I know:

So I texted Magda for suggestions. Sari Organics up in the rice fields? Yes, please! I'll have two servings if you don't mind.

As I got to Magda's house, I was met by two fellow Couch Surfers - so cool!! Carol from the U.S. and Debi from Yogyajakarta. The four of us got on the two motorbikes and bombed our way up Jalan Raya, Ubud's main road. Once parked, we slowly climbed our way up to where Sari Organics sits upon incredible rice fields.

 A quick vignette:

Looking up a the cloudy sky as the day descended, it didn't look like we were going to get our sunset. But I had faith in the Universe.

Along the way, we came upon some ducks!

This reminded me to get my ducks lined up...hmmm time to re-write my goals I think:

The walk up to Sari Organics is so nice. We came upon bananas in their baby stage. Awww:

When we finally got up to the restaurant, the Sky Gods made a clearing. My faith in the Universe had done it again. We were going to have the sunset dreams are made of. I am traveling only with a Canon Power Shot SD1000 so these pics will not do any justice of the magnificence the Sunset Gods granted us. But here are some of my best shots:

Fantastic travel conversations was on the menu. Meeting couch surfers is one of the greatest things about getting outside and seeing the world. Tomorrow will be a couch surfing extravaganza as seven of us are geared up to go and walk some of the ultimate rice fields. So you'll kinda know what the next post will be....

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