Thursday, 19 January 2012

Goodbye Ubud. Hello Melaka Again. Oh, Hello Sweet German.

Jeudi 19th Janvier, 2012; 20:41
Location: Melaka Malaysia
Why: Pimpin' in KL and stumbling back to Melaka for more shenanigans.

Shit, it's been 10 days since I last wrote and I have really fallen off the 30 Day Drawing Challenge. I freely admit it. Many distractions have caused such derailment, including catching a cold, Roman making his way back to Ubud, volcano treks and hanging out with an awesome local Balinese.

Also, the torrential downpours during my end of days in Ubud had me lazy and unmotivated. As I tried in vain to keep my clothes from damping up everyday, alas, I packed it all up after two months of staying in one place. I hugged my housemate Jasmine goodbye and boarded the mini van bound for Denpasar airport.

Three hours later, I landed back in KL and my excitement to be back on the road roared to life again. Surprisingly, my pack didn't feel as heavy as I thought having not carried it around the past two months. Good sign as I have a slight obsession with the weight of my two packs. I still need to write about this topic.

Alright, I got into KL and made my way to my couch surfing host located near the Thai Embassy for obvious reasons - I needed to get my 60Day Thai visa. My host was very gracious and I stayed at the most balling penthouse ever. Even more ballin' than my cousin's home in Vietnam. For privacy reasons, I will not post any pics of her place.

Except maybe the infinity pool outside the penthouse. No bigs:

My last drawing - Day 25: Draw A Couple:

I liked my take on this Draw A Couple. Originally, I was going to draw a "couple of yahoos" - a quote my best mate and I had declared once when someone asked us if we were together. But I didn't feel like drawing another human being - too predictable.

Blah, blah, blah, onwards to the next adventure!

I am back in Melaka! Hanging out at Jalan Jalan Guesthouse again. Met the famous Nora to see about getting some work done. Work? Yep. Alexis M, wait for it....I've got my session booked with Miss Nora tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've been in the company of a wonderful young German. Even younger than The 22 Year Old who just happens to be sleeping in the same bed where 22 Year Old slept. There's something about that corner bed at Jalan Jalan..... Anyway, ever the boy crazy gal that I am, I'm not sure why it's the young men that seem to stumble into my universe. Maybe it's all part of the Game. Walks along the canal, a movie date and all around googly smiles and laughs with each other has got me moving on from 22 Year Old. And it's only been 24 hrs.

And it's only taken 2+ months to move on from Him. Not that I'm counting.

The drawing will continue. I just need to get a bigger sketch book. Thanks Solseng for giving me some direction. Even though I have not completed her 30 Day Challenge, I was so inspired that I wrote a 30 Day Drawing Challenge as well. Send me a message if you are interested. Or maybe I'll post it here....I'll need to open up Photoshop. Gimme a few minutes.

It's the next day (10:23am). Wow, that was a fun night with the Young German. No I don't kiss and tell. (:

Today is an exciting day! Details to come.

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