Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tripping All Over Tips' Best Fresh Smoothies

Thursday, 12th April 2012; 13:07
Location: The Tea Tree, Chiang Mai Thailand
Why: Extra, extra! Read all about Tips' Best Fresh Smoothies!

Songkran Festival officially starts tomorrow but already I've been a water gun victim today. If my camera survives the 3 day wet mayhem, you can bet I'll have something to say about it here (:

In the meantime, there's the matter of a little smoothie stand that has generally kick started my days with a healthy dose of vitamins. And a nice serving of new travelers to meet every time I get into the queue for my fruit concoction.

Another shameless plug: Tips' Best Fresh Fruit Smoothie:

What is it about this stand that keeps people coming back you ask? Simply put, Tips makes the BEST smoothie this side of the planet. Period. Overstatement? Read on.

I first discovered this place inside the Som Phet Market over 10 months ago when I was being all hardcore Muay Thai training and staying at A Little Bird Guesthouse. Upon returning this time around, I sat down at the table and Tips looks at me unassuming. I thought there's no way she remembers me.

Wrong. She looks over and says "Oh, you're back. How are you? It's been a long time". My heart fluttered.

After that, I proclaimed eternal loyalty to her smoothies.

I mean, look at this mountain of heavenliness?

The magic happens between her knife and skillful hands. Here, Tips creating a powerful bowl of muesli for a lucky patron:

And the lucky patron goes to....pretty brunette!

With the myriad of fruits to choose from, one can leisurely ponder the endless combinations while waiting in the queue. And when you have decided on what you want, Tips will only then literally cut up your order to be fresh-off-the-blender. There are no pre-cuts sitting in a plastic cup at this stand. Oh no. The only drink you'll ever get is one that is so damned fresh, each sip from the very first to the last drop, will be like BAM!

An overstatement? Oh no my friend, oh no.

Yesterday, Yves decided on a BBY: Banana-Beet-Yoghourt. When it came and we each took a sip, it was a party in our mouths. Then we cleverly came up with BABY: Banana-Apple-Beet-Yoghourt. Today, he placed the order, she whipped it up and I nearly fell over my seat after one sip. A drink of epic proportions?

Mais bien sur.

An overstatement? Mais non, mes amis, mais non.

Despite the endless combinations, I'm still a faithful Mango-Beet-Lime devotee. Wouldn't you if you were drinking this colour?

The travelers who keep coming back know how special this lady and her fruit shakes are. I have spoken to many who have told me tales of discovering this place last month, last year and years ago. And have come back to Chiang Mai for this reason. Not gonna lie, I paid a little extra to fly straight from KUL to CNX, skipping BKK just so I could get here faster.

Faster to Tips' Best Fresh Smoothies. Oh yes. It is that good.

And yes, I am soooo plugging this little gem. So buy your one way ticket to somewhere far. Chiang Mai far.

And don't forget to make a pit stop here. You too will find yourself tripping all over Tips' Best Fresh Smoothies.


  1. They all look so fantastic and I see a few that I do regularly, beet is definitely one of my fave :)Lucky you to go back.

  2. Tips is so wonderful! Her smoothies make the world a better place (: