Sunday, 6 May 2012

Birth of a Thailand Tattoo

Sunday 6th May 2012; 12:26
Location: My flat - Jalan Gelanggang, Melaka Malaysia
Why: More tattoos than I bargained for. Unfortunately.

I have found a new love to indulge my ears. Federico Aubele's Kreuzberg is playing on my headphones, beckoning me to Berlin. It's making me think of Cara, Andrea, Age and how I should be there right now with them. Hi guys!

Well, since my last post, I have now returned back to my Asia home base that is the Magical Melaka.
And as I contemplate, I just realized I have a lunch date with a French, a Dutch and a Korean at 13:00. We're taking Ms. Korea for South Indian. Mmmm, I'm starting to drool.

But I'll start this post anyway. One of the reasons I went back to Chiang Mai was to get touch ups done on my tattoos.

My tattoo artist Thom as we finish a 3hr touch up session:

Along the way, there was Songkran, fresh fruit shakes and dates with a cute Dutch guy. Well, on one of those dates, we frolicked at the waterfalls, blissed out to the warm sun, and exchanged googly glances (from each other and from locals - ha!).

Hmmmm hold that thought, I've gotta get to the lunch date....

15:33 - that was deeelicious.

Back to the story. Googly glances aside, we decided to head back into the moat and hopped on the motorbike. I don't know if it was an omen or not but recently I had somewhat boasted about having traveled around SE Asia for almost a year and not been a victim of the 'Falang Tattoo', aka the Thailand Tattoo.

As Murphy's Law would have it, riding on the back of the motorbike and crossing through a green light, me and Dutch Guy had a collision with a Thai driver who ran a red light.

My life flashed before me in slow motion.

As Dutch Guy attempted to brake, we slammed into the back right side of Thai Guy's swanky white vehicle, toppled over to the left with our right legs landing directly on top of the exhaust pipe.

The Thailand Tattoo was born.

In a dizzying whirl, we collected ourselves with the help of other motorists and got out of the busy intersection. No sooner had we caught our bearings did Thai Guy come running to us apologizing.

Apologizing! Thais saying sorry to foreigners (or locals for that matter) is generally an urban myth. Not this time.

He confessed at having not paid attention to the traffic because he was on the phone. The phone! I was so shocked at the sight of my melted skin but it dawned on me that we could have died because some careless asshole was busy on the phone instead of concentrating on the road. My blood was boiling.

In shock and nauseated by the sight of my melted flesh:

After some negotiating between Thai Guy and Dutch Guy, we walked away with 1000Baht, two newly minted Falang Tattoos, a slightly damaged motorbike and a traumatized heart (mine).

That was 17th April. That same evening, I was scheduled to get my tattoos touched up. So what started out as one sunny date ended in one damaged Davie. By the time I got home to Anna's (whom I was staying with), I was physically and mentally spent. I think this incident rivals my Saigon food poisoning stunt.

Two days after the accident. The skin is hot and bubbling underneath. Gross....

One week after the accident, I decided to see a doctor just to make sure it wasn't infected and I was caring for it properly. Nora and Monika took me to the local clinic in Little India. The nice doctor cleaned the wound, gave me some special antibiotic ointment, a warm fatherly smile and sent me on my way. Bless him.

New skin. I couldn't walk for days without painful jabs coursing through every step:

Twenty days after the accident, I am recovering nicely. The Thailand Tattoo has taken on a character of it's own and has been adopted as 'Nathan's Pipe'.

What Nathan's Pipe looks like today:

I am jonesing to jump into the local pool these days but still have to be careful with Nathan's Pipe. I reckon a couple more weeks before it's safe to do so.

In the meantime, I am still getting my flat sorted out. Stay tuned.

Here is a sneak peek at what's brewing Chez Davie's:

And just for shits 'n giggles, here's a blind contour drawing I did while hanging out at the Tea Tree in Chiang Mai:

Also, I would like to give a shout out to Skoots and AC for checking in on these posts. I fell off the wagon on this one after the motorbike incident.

However, nothing like putting it on a board to make me accountable:

By the way, who is Murphy and why is it his law?


  1. murphy is a woman.. and one bad ass bitch..

  2. yah, i was thinking about that show. wow, that was a long time ago!