Monday, 5 November 2012

Coastally Surreal

lundi le 5th novembre, 2012; 13:11
Location: Starbucks, rue de la République, Lyon France
Pourquoi: Beautiful things happen in threes.

Ever see something so f@cking beautiful, you could cry? Make that two things for me. Okay, three.

Firstly, Spain. Ohhhlaaa, espagne. I sunbathed topless the first time with you 13 years ago in the Mediterranean Sea. You filled me with so much warmth, it never left me. Then the universe brought me back to you with the most wonderful host family in the world. How do I honour you with this post?

Let me start with my ode to you:

For one week, my host family, the Dimouchy's and I spent our holiday in Ajuntament de Roses, a town that wrapped itself around the Med Sea near the French/Spanish border. On 28th October we piled up all the necessities into the car needed for the 5hr drive out of France. One thing I deliberately left behind was my laptop, thinking that since we're on holiday, I wouldn't be giving English lessons to my host sisters. Wrong. Luckily Adaptability is my #1 strength (Thanks and lessons centered around our daily happenings.

But before any English words were written, young Alice took the time to draw a wonderful "Portrait of A Chinese Girl" in the middle seat.

She pretty much captured the essence of me sleeping in the car (minus the drool thankfully). I mean look at the lips! And my misspelled name will be in a future lesson no doubt (:

D'accord, a few hours later, we pulled into town and filed into our flat for the week - a small-ish home facing the sea. Sunsets on the balcony? Sure! Better still - sunset on the pier. Simple pleasures.

One day we strolled into the local market to sample the good eats available. Now, I have had some good churros in my time...

But nothing beats a local making it right there. BAM! Now that's fresh:

Ever want to sample sangria to your heart's content? Then get your butt to Roses, Costa Brava, Spain.

Yup, some serious sampling happened here...

On another day, we went for a leisurely hike on the well marked trails. We're on holidays after all so stress-free activities was on order. Hugging the cliffs while the sun sparkled like diamonds in the sea is pretty stress-free don't you think? 

Clear blue skies and the snow capped Pyrénées Alpes didn't hurt either:

Like diamonds in the sea:

Secondly, on a rainy day, my host father, Marc and 15yr old Juliette took me to the one place I had anxiously been awaiting. I've got goosebumps writing this and wish I could articulate what an experience it was for me to go to this place. The first time I saw his work in the flesh was back in 1999 when I was in Paris' Montmartre neighbourhood and happened to stumble upon the somewhat hidden museum. This artist was a coming of age for me in my final high school year. He opened my eyes to the world beyond the "normal". Before him, I thought Gustav Courbet was the kind of artist I aspired to be. Or emulating Van Gough would validate me.

But when clocks are melting, giraffs are burning and drawers are coming out of a woman's breasts, it changes your perception of what is real. It becomes surreal. Which then becomes real.

He was an absolute Genius:

I have spent countless hours studying his work. And while The Persistance of Memory piece is in America, The Hallucinogenic Toreador is appropriately placed in this museum that He Himself conceptualized, designed and painted.

A close up of one of the most alluring paintings to me:

The following piece trumps the Raft of the Medusa in the Louvre in terms of size. Overwhelming.

 "Apotheosis of the Dollar":

Homage to Mae West, was...surreal. She was as unconventional an actress as Dali was an artist:

Visiting the Museu Dali was the highlight of being in Spain this time around.

The past week, my eyes feasted on clear blue skies, diamonds dancing in water and brush strokes by a master.

Beautiful things happen in threes. That's why it's my favourite number. The third thing was receiving two pictures in my messages this morning that were so beautiful, I could cry.

And of course, I won't share this with you because...well some things are just meant for me (:


  1. Oh Davie! Your post exudes the simple joys of life.

  2. Thanks Mark! The simple joys of life is 'joie de vivre' (: And I simply enjoy reading your comments.