Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wingin' It in the Blue

Friday, 23rd March, 2012; 11:03
Location: Chiang Mai Thailand
Why: Gonna visit A-Mah one day by flying.

It's a quiet Friday morning as I take another delicious sip of impossibly fresh coffee at Voyage Cafe, one of my favourite hangouts in Chinatown. The sweetest female voice hums over an acoustic melody of an unknown song while the ceiling fan cools the back of my neck.

I look over at the other traveler who has just finished the same breakfast as me. She plays with her phone effortlessly. Time is standing still yet moving simultaneously and I am happily caught in the moment. This is the meaning of my life right now. 

In the moment sipping coffee, observing and writing:

It is also time to get caught up on recent events. Let's start with a couple of wings shall we?

While in Ubud, after designing my dragon, I set out to design my next piece. A pair of wings so I can soar high in the sky. And one day fly away to visit A-Mah.

The first draft of these wings were mentioned in a previous post. Perhaps you may have read it? If not, here it is:

While I was 95% happy with Red Dragon, there was some lost in translation with my tattoo artist regarding how to colour it up. To avoid this with my wings, I decided to re-draw it but in colour. So in between lesson plans and rounds of coffee at Lan Cafe (aka Wooden Bar) in Chiang Mai, I scratched out the wings in shades of blue.

In the blue zone:

Satisfied with the left wing while needing another cuppa java:

Red Dragon and Blue Wings were inked one week apart and A-Mah passed away right in the middle of all this. And I still had to focus on the TEFL course at hand. That's a lot of shtuff processing in my head.

Nonetheless, I march forward - back to the ink gurney at Dejavu Tattoo Studio. This time around, it was 5 hours face down while listening to Psychology 101, the Open Yale Course I've been able to sneak in between wanderin' throughout SE Asia.

Right wing done and a 10 min break. It always gets worse before it gets better...ouch:

Left wing done and I'm ready to throw in the towel at this point but...

There was still the matter of the white highlights. This part was by far the most painful as the artist was going through the already inked parts a second and third time. Tears. Big, sloppy tears streamed down my face from the pain of broken skin and losing my beloved A-Mah.

This too shall pass I thought.

But look at the results!

My collection of ink had grown considerably in the course of four weeks. And this is only what I've mentioned so far. There's still the neck and ankle piece which I'll talk about another time. But right now, time for a break I think....

It's nice knowing my wings and dragon follow me everywhere I go, protecting me always:

And they will follow me to KL tomorrow as I head to an art show where Nora the Explora has some fabulous works. Also looking forward to couchsurfing at Joyce's before rendezvousing with a funny Lemmon.