Monday, 25 July 2011

Luang Prabang Continued

July 26, 2011; 11:08
Location: Luang Prabang, Lao
Why: Creamsicle bikes, mint flavoured shisha pipes and bowling - Lao PDR style (read: Lao People Don't Rush style)

Netbook all juiced up...Luang Prabang continues....

LP is such a lovely biking town! At 10,000Kip per day, I can ride till I get numb bum from the hard seat. And you can never get lost here because all roads seem to circle back into the main area.

I am so getting a creamsicle coloured bicycle with a basket when I get home:

Apparently THE thing to do after the bars close at a dismal 11:30pm, is BOWLING! After abusing our livers with Beer Lao and such, Farangs can posse up in a songthaew for the 5km ride to The Bowling Alley. The sights of drunken travelers was more entertaining than the bowling itself.

My futile attempts at hittin' some pins down:

My infamous gutter balls:

Andy found a wand in the men's room to which all matters Harry Potter ensued throughout the night:

Another `thing` to do in LP is make the 35km journey to the Kuangsi Waterfalls for frolicks in the water and jumps from the tree with the rope. After negotiating a sweet deal of 30,000Kip each, the five of us rounded up our swim trunks n bikinis for some watery fun times:

One of the best things about traveling is meeting great people and going out for FOOD! Last night was started off with dinner at Lao Lao Garden, the sister restaurant to Lao Lao Karma Lounge (which offers free pool!) Two new crew members joined the fun: Sarah Jane (England) and Brian (San Fran).

The site of burning coal deposited into our table whet our appetites for a feast fit for kings n`queens:

No BBQ feast is complete without congregating at the utopian nest that is Utopia. Another round (or two..or three) of the shisha pipe flavoured our palate with minty coolness as we whiled the night away on fruity drinks and more Beer Lao. Whiled meaning till 11:30....but it`s not the quantity of time you spend there, it`s the quality time.

Shisha pipe, round two of minty goodness:

Scenes of a utopian hideaway...with a random communist flag:

As I finish up this entry, the peeps Ive been sharing my Lao experiences with will be moving onwards. Andy has already buggered off to who knows where - Vietnam I think. John heads out to Vientiane tonight on an 11hr overnight bus. Erin and Nick will make their way to Vang Vieng via minibus in a few hours.

I have decided to stay a little longer. Maybe get another heavenly Lao massage. Another veggie baguette is definitely on the menu. And I am determined to get up early enough to go for a run before the sun scorches the day away. Oooh I definitely want another Lao Laap meal - Lao Lao Garden makes them with tofu!!

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