Sunday, 5 February 2012

Swimming With TEFL Sharks and Geeking Out to Pens

Dimanche 5th Fevrier, 2012; 23:23
Location: Chiang Mai Thailand
Why: Schools, pens draw-rings. It's all happenin' in CM.

After reluctantly leaving Melaka, I made my way to KL's LCCT to catch an early flight up to Chiang Mai.
Getting into an airport at 2:30am is not exactly fun. And with a 06:55 departure, I had to find a spot on the very crowded floor to steal some Zzz's.

Appropriately prepared backpacker style. I even found some cardboard to lay under my sleeping bag. I love traveling:

Onward bound.

A couple of hours later, I land at CNX, hop in a taxi and made my way to the mansion - my living digs for the month as well as the TEFL training locale. Sweet. But, I did a serious FAIL and left my trusty digicam in the taxi. ***waves fists in the air at self*** and SMH.  That's "Shaking My Head" for anyone not hip to them beats. Okay, I just recently learned that one from my hip kid sister....

Just breathe and let it go, I said. This was after I went outside and screamed like a mad woman while waving fists in the air. It was dramatic. The receptionist was a little scared.

I'm all sorted now and the proud owner of a snazzy pimped out version of my Canon Elph. My travel fund wasn't so happy though. Sorry TD Bank, these things happen.

Right, so I'm back in Thailand's kick ass northern city. Bombing around on the red songtheaws, I am delighted to be back here again. I am craving some Muay Thai training and looking to get some more ink done. I have an appointment next Saturday. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I survived my first week at TEFL school with my first teaching lesson this past Friday. This course, they just throw you right into it, sink or swim. Apparently, I not only swam, it seems I walked on water. No, I am not bragging. I'm still shocked at the incredible feedback I got from my observer, Paul H - a dead ringer for a British Joe Pesci. Who knew this gal has a knack for teaching. Hmmmm, I shouldn't get too confident, it's only been one week.

On my way to our first teaching class and hamming it up for the new camera:

My TEFL class is small, there's only 12 of us. One of the best parts is Anna! We met in Bandung and with similar goals, decided to take this course together. Did I mention how much I love traveling?

Two Falang Asian backpackers turning heads at the Sunday Night Market:

On the drawing front, dunno when I'm going to finish Solseng's Challenge. I'm stuck on Day 27 - Draw Someone You Love. Should be easy right? Wrong. I love so many people.

So, instead, I've been scratching away at Davie's Challenge.

Day 4: Draw Something Melting:

I discovered the new camera can take Fish Eye effects!!

While geeking out to the 4 Asian Gel pens I purchased, this was the result, fish eyes n' all - Draw Flowers Using Only Straight Lines:

Tomorrow's class: Grammar. No, not Kelsey. I'm so clever. Grammar was sooo Grade Five. It's been a looong time. **gulps**

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