Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ayutthaya: Worlds Away From Bangkok in Only 90mins

June 16th 2011, 12:56
Location: Ayutthaya Thailand
Why: So gnarly

The owner at Baan Suan Guesthouse told me there is supposed to be a lunar eclipse right now but it is cloudy in Ayutthaya tonight, despite the rain it had earlier in the evening....**sigh**

So my Vietnam Visa cleared - yay! Except I realized I had referenced the 2012 calendar when picking my visa dates so instead of Aug 3rd, I am slated for Aug 9th for 30 days...***another sigh***
Hmmmm, this makes things interesting. Should I plan another week in Thailand? Laos? Or Cambodia? Food for thought for the next few weeks.

Well geez, after a noisy 90min train ride while a creepy guy kept staring at me, I arrived in the ancient city of Ayutthaya, a world away from BKK (that's Bangkok's International Airport code - I love airport codes btw). A five minute ferry ride at 4baht got me over the river that encircles the city's main area. After several no's to the tuk tuk drivers, I was determined to find my new home for the next two days. In about 30 sweaty minutes I found the low key signage of Baan Suan Guesthouse.

Low key but pleasant with a terrace overlooking a quaint little garden. Finally, some peace and quiet. No sooner had I settled into my humble abode and changed out of that sweaty Silverescent Chip's Not Dead Yet Racerback, did I happily picked out a bicycle for hire. At B60 ($2), I can ride to my heart's content for the entire day. And ride I did.

First up, Wat Mahathat - home of the famous Buddha face nestled into the gnarly Bodhi tree:

After riding into many Wats and repeatedly on the "wrong" side of the roads, I made my way back to my guesthouse with a clumsy smile across my face; satisfied having been on two wheels with a front basket.

Sticky and happy, it occurred to me that Thailand has made me lighter....both packs have each lost about 2 pounds (I got rid of some stuff) and I've lost about 3 pounds (while guzzling water all day). My Prana pants are hanging off my waist and I refuse to wear my belt in this heat. I think it needs proper laundering to get it tighter know, I haven't been as much of a dirtbag as I thought - been washing the same worn racerback, sport bra and undie for 8 days straight. Makes me wonder why I even have the other clothes in my pack....oh right, I've got another 11 months to go.

Still gotta load pics of BKK onto FB...but it is just too much for this tired brain right now. And since the lunar eclipse is a right off (damn you clouds!) I am done for tonight.

The crickets are chatty after the refreshing rain. What will day 2 bring me?


  1. sounds like quite some adventure thus far.

  2. Reading your posts for the first time, I'll be following as long as you keep writing! If you have an extra week there are so many options for a short trip, like trying to get into Burma. In Laos, I really liked Luang Prabang.

    Happy to hear your bags are getting lighter, you're a star!