Saturday, 25 June 2011

Island Life, Koh Tao Style

June 25th, 2011; 17:15
Location: Koh Tao Thailand
Why: I am in love with Island Life.

Escaping the heat by sitting in my hostel and realized I haven't written a post in about 10 days...

Island life has taken me to a place where my only worries are which amazing place should I eat at, when is my next yoga class and how long do I want to stay at the beach today?

I arrived at Chumphon pier on an early June 18th morning waiting for the catamaran that would finally take me to Koh Tao. After a long overnight bus ride from Bangkok to Chumphon and a treacherous catamaran ride (1st time vomitting in a plastic bag included), I arrived at beautiful Koh Tao, the smallest of the three main islands on the Gulf of Thailand.

This is what 5:30am looks like at Chumphon pier:

I was very pleased at the site of my new digs for the next week.

After sharing rooms with other travelers in BKK, it was nice to have my own abode that was actually nice:

At 600Baht/night, it is a little pricey for my very modest travel budget but a girl's gotta treat herself once in a while. Pool, tv and free wifi included. Restaurant and diving available. I am a happy gal.

My lovely friend Austin said to me "go do something fun and write about it!"

And so I have. First off, I am so blissed out these days. Found a wonderful yoga center called Shambahla Yoga just off the main strip and have been doing yoga twice a day at 2hrs/class - pure bliss....I am on a natural high. I won't even get into how affordable it is. Let's just say, it is far from $21/class like I'm used to in Canada.

Doing one thing a day that scares me? Motorbiking. Yep, this Asian gal who doesn't like driving motorized vehicles got on her very first motorbike to zip around the island. It is more a neccessity rather than a luxury as the roads are not great and there is no bicycle hire.

At 150B/day, I got me a nice lil bike for some exploring:

Oh but an Asian driver I am! One day, after too much sun on the beach at Chalok Baan, I sauntered over to my bike in a dreamy haze and proceeded to pull out of my parking spot. Of course, I hit the power way too soon and a little too hard resulting in me knocking over two other motorbikes, smashing my front headlights, cracking the front shell and denting the other motorbike's front basket - front basket!!

Well, luckily I wasn't hurt but after some help and a bruised ego, I was out 6000Baht. That was my budget for the week.....needless to say, this is why I am now sitting inside an 8 person dorm for the next week.

Oh yah, I love Koh Tao so much I've decided to stay a lil while longer.

Here are some pics of my life at the moment. It's tough:

Austin, I didn't find Mango with Sticky Rice that night. Instead, I stumbled upon a crepe stall where the man makes crepes in the most dramatic way I've ever seen. I need to go back and video tape it.

Tomorrow, I will be doing yet another thing that scares me. Scuba diving!!


  1. ah, should've taught you some motorbiking skills.

  2. Wow, it looks amazing there.