Monday, 14 May 2012

Poetic Ramblings

15th May 2012; 13:19
Location: Voyage Travellers' Cafe, Melaka Malaysia
Why: Random poetic thoughts at 3 in the morning.

Last night, or rather early this morning I laid wide awake after having crawled into bed around 01:00. I have been trying to get to bed earlier in attempts to go for early morning runs. Fail.

Instead, my mind seems to be most active at night and won't turn off until I've done something about it like write it down or draw it out.

Early this morning was no exception. So many stories in my head that want to be released no matter how unrefined. No matter how unfinished.

Here is one result:

Caged Desire

the desire for him still burned inside her like an eternal flame
it consumed her in the passing nights
visions of his face danced around her mind

she could still feel the heat between their bodies
and smell the fragrant sweat around his neck on that warm tropical evening
the savoury sweetness of his scent filled her senses of holding him close

time had stood still

the silence connected their heart and body in one perfect moment

how she longed to relive that one special night
in her evening stroll home, she'd randomly bumped into him on the street
they had been worlds apart and yet there they were
that one single night in a paradise island
it was the stuff her stories were made of

instead, it was their story
and her secret wish of seeing him again had come true
she savoured every breath they inhaled, every step they walked, every sip they drank
they reminisced easily between recounts on how they had met;
glasses clinking as they toasted seeing each other again

why did the universe so briefly allow her such deep pleasure?
why did it tease her with such unadulterated desire?
the very same desire that still burned through the passage of time
the caged animal inside her growled to be released
it silently roared to be re-united with him
if only for one more perfect moment

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