Sunday, 27 May 2012

Reflecting on 365+ days of wandering. Part Four....

Monday 28th May, 2012; 12:49
Location: Voyage Traveler's Lounge Cafe, Melaka Malaysia
Why: Reflecting on 365+ days of wandering Malaysia edition.

Adele's Set Fire to the Rain is blasting on my headphones so loud that I think she is literally inside me. My heart shivers to the sound of her melancholic voice in this song. As I stare into space the song is coming to an end and I'm getting ready to hit repeat.

It is another hot day in Melaka as I contemplate what to say about my beloved Malaysia. This was the one country I least expected to fall in love with so furiously. Initially, I was only going to whiz through here two weeks max. On the recommendation from a fellow traveler I hung out with in Laos (bonjour Jon!), I made my way to Melaka and that was it. Since then, I have written many posts on Melaka - feel free to peruse those articles and you will see just how much I love this place. It will be a total of six months by the time I leave this country.

Here are some highlights so far....

Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Cameron Highlands and Taman Negara Highlights:
Couch surfing at JC's in KL and the generosity of her family made me feel like part of the family. The Petronas Towers. Jalan Jalan GH and all the amazing travelers I met there. Ninjaaaaaaaa Destructionnnnnnn! Being smitten with the British/French boy at 'our' cafe. Saying goodbye to Him when he left for Singapore - this wasn't a highlight but I was affected by his departure. So much so that I impulsively went and got a bad haircut because I was sad he left. The Melaka River. Laksa!!! Hitching a ride back from Pular Besar with the Melakan Refugees and Cecilia. Playing Shithead. CNY 2012 in Chinatown. The young German and the finger licking incident. Boh Tea Plantation. Riding in the back of the 4WD with my Melakan Refugees. Lemmon's googliness while being a gentleman with me. The young Swede, mmmm.

View of the Petronas Towers from JC's car:

View of the Petronas Towers from JC's uncle's penthouse. Spectacular:

CNY of the Dragon, Chinatown's entrance in Melaka:

The Melaka River is like the Venice of SE Asia:

Playing Ninjaaaaaa Destructionnnnnnn!!!!!!!

Cecilia and the Melakan Refugees going to Pular Besar:

Results of The Melakan Refugees' adventures up in the Cameron Highlands:

Chilling out at the Boh Tea Plantation and taking in the stah-nning view:

Mis-adventures with my Lemmon in Taman Negara. He managed not to jump my bones the entire time we were traveling together, haha! Certainly a thumbs up Lemmon!

As I live out my days here until the end of August, daily life in Melaka is as good as it gets though I am itching to go for a further wander. I may head to Pulau Tioman and Penang. A visa run will get me to Singapore for a few days in July. Oooh there's also the Philippines I've been mulling over....

Until I decide where to wander, I am content eating laksa, doin my draw-rings and meeting new travelers at Jalan Jalan GH. The latest being the hot, young Swede. Oh my oh my. The hottest guys come through Melaka. Maybe that's why I love this place so much.....


  1. Nice post my dear.
    You should head to Tioman if you haven't been. I think about our time there everyday, literally. It's awesome!!

  2. Yah, I think I'll head out to Tioman soon! I've been craving sand and beach for months now!!