Monday, 7 November 2011

Farewell to the Motherland. Hello Indo.

Tuesday November 8, 2011; 12:10
Location: Vietnam and Indonesia
Why: This blog delinquent just got herself caught up...sorta.

Well this is ridiculous. It's been exactly one month since my last post. Davie's blog: Fail.

I guess I've been too busy livin'. Okay, I've been too busy on Facebook. Fail.

I'm sitting inside Cheng Ho Cafe in Melaka, Malaysia. Amy Winehouse's Rehab is playing on the cafe's system and I just finished my delish cup of Malay java. Where do I even begin from my Roots, Bricks, Relatives time?

After Dong Nai, I made my way back to my Saigon Backpacker's Hostel home base and re-offended by taking another tour. This time to the Mekong Delta for 2 nights, 3 days. Fail. Aside from the good company I had on this tourist trap, the tour itself was cookie cutter disappointing. Word of caution if you are considering it, don't go with Delta Adventures. Enough said. But here are some pics nonetheless:

On the pier to our wooden canoe on the Mekong Delta:

Trying my hand at rowing the boat:

Results of Can To town from the flood on the Mekong River in Cambodia:

The Mekong Delta locals keep on trekking. Another flood? No bigs:

Alright, after 7+ epic weeks, I bade farewell to the Motherland. It was time to leave her nest and fly. Destination: Indonesia.

Jakarta was a write off but I did enjoy a lovely eggs florentine in the old town of Kota:

Bandung was...meh.The best part though was meeting Wing from Holland and Anna from Philippines/New York at Hunny Hostel. Together, we miraculously made our way to the sulfuric crater up in the mountains on local buses, an adventure all its own.

L-R: Anna, Wing, Me. Picture courtesy: Anna Salazar. I love Wing's pose:

I LOVED that Anna carried with her the lulu Goal Setting! Hey lulus, remember this?

After Bandung, Bali started to look better. Meeting up with Austin, better still - a friend from Canada!! A few tortuously touristy days in Kuta left us on the next bus to Ubud.

We said goodbye to the guys at our guesthouse with the fucking pigs - literally. Laughs Out Loud:

Ubud Village: Flying Air Mushroom with Austin and Magdalena - priceless. Six hours of shits n' giggles had us happily tripping out as we marveled at Magda's outdoor "television" and rolled around her front porch in fits of laughter, writhing in tears.

Madga's porch where we "flew" for hours on the floor while watching her jungle "television":

Happy days of yoga, spa, yum-yum food, moto rides and bicycling around the villages had me and Austin carefree with no worries. A trip to the monkey sanctuary was an amusing highlight as we watched tourists get suckered by these clever creatures.

Then we buggered off to Gili Trawangan (aka Gili T) of the Gili Islands. There, we made Rumah Kundun our home base. Meeting up with Austin's friend Jen was on the menu, a wonderful choice. She co-manages the Blue Marlin Diving Center - go there for diving! Shameless plug.

The best part of Gili T is there are NO motorized vehicles!! Transport is done via horse n' buggy and/or bicycle - it was glorious. Austin and I got lost bicycling through an old coconut plantation - so friggin cool. Jen's boyfriend, a local, invited us to a Rastafarian jam session on the beach one night. We all got nicely toasted on beers, weed, and all songs Bob Marley.

And when we weren't doing the above mentioned activities, we were doing this activity - being beach bums:

Me with Austin Andstuff. Not sure about my expression here though...:

Bali spoke to me. I don't know what she said but she's calling me back.

And that is what I intend to do but next up was Cambodia (yes, I am writing in past tense here since I've been a blog delinquent).

Cambodia. That is yet another post. Stay tuned.

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