Saturday, 26 November 2011

Full With Thoughts

November 27, 2011; 10:10
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: I can't seem to remember anything else but you.

My mind is full, bursting over.
With all the things I can't remember.
Every little single memory
Reminds me of you
     -The Time We Lost Our Way, by Thievery Corporation

I can't seem to remember anything else but you.

It has been two days since you left. Again. For the third time. My mind is full with thoughts.
Your lips part to reveal an easy laughter, amused at yet another innuendo I probably made.

Your perfectly shaped legs leisurely sauntered alongside mine as we walked through the sloping landscape:

I linger on the heat between your skin and clothes each time we hugged.
I'm still savouring the contours of your stomach, each curve that sent little shivers down my spine.
The mosquito net above is a reminder of you laying next to me if only for a moment in time when we contemplated possibilities.

My eyes are still locked into yours each time we raised our drink. They are green, sometimes hazel. They are caring yet mischievous:

Each place we have been to is an instant tableau, etched in my memory.
Every moment I stole a glance at you is flashing through my mind. Your scent also lingers.
You let me to be my tactile self, allowing sweet morsels of happiness on my fingertips.

I can't seem to remember anything else but you.

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