Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Melaka Mash Up in Malaysia

Tuesday November 29th, 2011; 12:52
Location: Melaka, Malaysia

It's especially hot today. So I'm enjoying a refreshing tamarind ginger lemon drink at my favourite hangout, Sopa. The wifi is fast, the food vegetarian and the staff beyond sweet. Life is good.
And I'm devouring my vegan mango coconut pie:

That cutie pie, Calyiapee, is going to make me another spider soup with strawberries, her specialty:

She's three and wearing the same dress when I saw her last. Her parents Marlin and Duncan are from Salt Spring Island. It is indeed a small world.

Right, so I said I'd write about Malaysia. More specifically, Melaka.

After Cambodia, next stop was Malaysia Peninsular. A short flight landed me in Kuala Lumpur airport from Phnom Penh on November 3rd. I skipped the slick capital and made a beeline for the historical city of Melaka. On the recommendation from John, the cute blue eyed French photographer I had met a few months back, I booked myself into Jalan Jalan Guesthouse. Best recommendation I have been given yet.

4:11pm - Yoga class interruption....feeling blissed out. My busy mind is slowly finding it's calm once again.

The energy and vibe at Jalan Jalan Guesthouse was so incredible that many of the people I met there kept staying on longer and longer. Lazy mornings without any goals except wondering where we can find some more curry laksa was de rigueur.

Oh curry laksa, your lusciousness still lingers on my lips:

It is so easy to fall in love with Melaka. This laid back world heritage city has enough architectural interest without building overload. It's inhabitants of Indians, Chinese, Malays and Foreigners co-exist peacefully. The winding canal is reminiscent of Venice with an Asian/Dutch twist. I spent hours carousing it's curvacious turns and underpasses.
I even stopped for an obligatory self portrait:

Though I didn't find any of Space Invader or Banksy's work, I especially loved watching the graffiti artists doing their magic. I've always loved street art and it's f*#k you establishment attitude. Delightfully enough, the street art here was harmonious with the Melakan culture. It was quite refreshing.

Enjoying an artist at work while observing from the other side of the canal:

One of the reasons I fell in love with Melaka are the impossibly cute and cosy cafes and shops. Forget the cookie cutter corporate variety. Come to Melaka and you will discover gems holding you in their nests until closing time. Such was the case with Nicholas and I when we literally opened and closed a cafe one day; I blogging, he applying for a job online. Subtle flirtations slipped between us.

One of my favourite cafes was the quaint Limau Limau. Upstairs will have you stepping into a Paris flat. Perhaps an Italian's writing studio. Lounge long enough and one may just pull out their sketch book for a quick drawing session of it's rustic surroundings.

Wishing I had an inspiration pad like this in Paris:

And here, a melt-my-heart little shop of all things hand made. I mean, a vintage sewing machine and bicycle! Somebody pull down my knickers and pinch me please:

In case I haven't mentioned in previous posts, Melaka has definitely been one of the highlights on my globe wanderin'. Mostly due to the irresistibly fun travelers and locals I've met here. 

Shout outs in no particular order:
The Germans: Roman, Eva, Martin; Nathan (US), Nicholas (France/UK), Cecilia (Borneo), Zaffar (India), Laureen (France - je t'aime), Rick (Oz), Lee(Israel/Can), Sandra (Switzerland), Billy (US), Mark (Van), Arjan (Holland). Am I missing anyone?

Together, the Jalan Jalan Posse played hours of Shithead, scouted out Indian eats, had a wonderful movie date night followed by the friggin' COOLEST game ever invented to mankind - Ninja Destruction. This game will have you balleting, high kicking, karate chopping and diving for your opponent's hand unleashing the ninja within. This game is so infectious, we had many locals crowding around the grassy field where we were playing. Before long, we had taught them the basics, thus spreading the Ninja Destruction Movement. Perhaps you have heard this game. Either way, I cannot wait to teach this when I return to Canada.

Here is an example of Ninja Destruction. I love Nathan's stance in the background - balletic:

Here is Rick being a stealth Ninja ready to strike. And Eva (in blue dress) may look innocent until, BAMM! she'll take you down with her killer looks and killer quick hands:

The Jalan Jalan Posse was a mash up of good times. We owned China Town. Jonker Walk never saw such a motley crew of Ninjas on the move. We found ourselves crawling into our dorm beds only in the wee hours of the morning, some not even making it back until lunch time the next day. You know who you are **wink** 

Like all good things, everything must come to an end. It is all part of the game. Near the end of my days at Jalan Jalan, I said goodbye to Nick and Martin as they boarded a bus to Singapore. Two cuties gone. Sad.

Then another cutie showed up, courtesy of Cecilia's sharp instincts. Oh, hello Billy. Welcome to Jalan Jalan and may you enjoy your stay with us. Btw, you coming to the Cameron Highlands with us in a couple of days? Yay!

And then the Melakan Refugee Team was born. But that will be tomorrow's post


  1. deal! we'll round up some peeps, head to stanley park. this game will blow your brains (: