Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Dash of KL

Thursday December 1st, 2011; 10:41
Location: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Why: Seeing two huge towers and resisting religion.

Who finally grows some balls and exchanges her red bicycle for a cute pink Scoopy? **points both thumbs at self** This Girl!

But of course, I'll get to that in another post.

Were you impressed with yesterday's double entry? I was. Kay, that was really no pun intended. And that song kinda came unexpectedly. Beautiful. I love being creative.

And I digress so easily. Today, KL. That's short for Kuala Lumpur in backpacker lingo.

Before heading to the Cameron Highlands, the Melakan Refugees made a lovely pit stop at Cecilia's digs. After dinner at a very local joint, we strolled around a nearby park where you could see the stunning Petronas Towers in the near distance.

This sophisticated wonder illuminates like a beacon at night:

Here is my amazing crew on our evening stroll. I couldn't love them enough if I tried.
L-R: Eva, Billy, Cecilia, Roman:

When we eventually made our way back to Cecilia's, the evening was filled with music, laughter, rounds of tea and of course rounds of Shithead - this card game is addictive.

Just lounging around, no bigs. Photo courtesy Eva:

Flipping through the trusty Lonely Planet. Billy, the cutest Californian I've met so far. He's also a Dragon. Same same and my 333rd FB friend. We were meant to meet. Photo courtesy Eva:

A budding photographer? Yep! Hello, Killer Smile (: Photo courtesy Eva:

So easily distracted by cute boys...yeah so there's these two really big, tall towers in KL called the Petronas Towers. They are quite the buildings. Unfortunately, the walkway is 'under construction or inaccessible until December' which was a total bummer. All part of the game? No fair!

So I got the next best thing - Roman taking a photo of me with this bad boy:

For those of you who have been to KL and seen these towers, the next two pics will be like, "yah, been there, seen it". 

But I mean, holy shit! Stunning:

After our rendezvous to the Cameron Highlands, Eva and Billy hung a right and made for Penang. Roman and I hung a left and made our way back to KL. Cecilia, where are you? Wanna go see Immortals with us? Yay! So of course, Roman and I got to be with Cecilia one more night. We checked back into the guesthouse he was staying at previously, Oasis Guesthouse.

This unassuming backpacker's stop is conveniently located in the heart of KL's Chinatown. Close to great eats - my dream. Upon climbing the stairs, we came to a shoe graveyard. 

Ahhh, this is one of the sweet pleasures I get to see as a dirtbag backpacker. There's my trusty green Teva water shoes. I heart thee:

Knowing that I would be getting on a plane soon to head back to Ubud, Roman and I attempted some site seeing. We found a mosque that actually let us in?! Wow.

We weren't properly dressed. But not to worry, they had extra long robes for us to wear. Mine literally dragged on the ground like a bridal train. I had to walk around hiking it up like a wonton woman. Scandalous! Sometimes, I think the world is not built for five feet and under. But I am a trooper dammit!

Here I am appropriately dressed, head scarf and all. Photo courtesy Roman:

Religion is a strange thing to me. And maybe this is why I am so reluctant to follow any one faith. It has so many rules! I find it stifling. Nonetheless, I respect what others believe in. I respect what I believe in. My religion? "Get outside. See the world. Be fearless."

So many rules. So not for Davie. Photo courtesy Roman:

My adventure in Malaysia has been culturally enriching and socially satisfying. It is here that I met some of the most incredible people, life long friends I hope. It is here that I got googly for a boy way too young for me. It is here that I got to stay with a local. And it was here that I learned Ninjaaaa Destructionnnnn!

My mad dash in KL has only left me wanting more. I look forward to the day I find myself knocking on Cecilia's door. Maybe, the other Refugees will be there waiting for me.

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