Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Daily Livin' in Melaka

Mardi 24th Janvier, 2012; 16:04
Location: Melaka Malaysia
Why: Ramblings about burning bras, life in Melaka's Chinatown and inspirational quotes.

Happy Year of the Dragon. My year baby! Thievery Corporation's Free is playing on the sound system at Jalan Jalan 2 Guesthouse. I have wholed myself away today at the other JJ Guesthouse drawing and listening to TC. Also, taking refuge from the sun while parts of my body heals. Stay tuned for that one.

In the meantime, life in Melaka has been about eating delicious Indian on the cheap, playing rounds of a newly learned card game called Cactus, celebrating the New Year and of course, continuous flirtations with the Young German. Ninja Destruction has once again picked up steam and I almost ran off to Singapore with the funny French guy that Cecilia introduced me to a few days ago.

However, once the alcohol levels reduced to a sober level the next day, I reconsidered. Instead, Cecilia and I did some shopping and I'm proud to say I have an outfit for my first day of class! Including shoes and socks. Oh man, my shoes are a hoot! It's definitely not what you would consider 'professional' but it screams Davie Pocstar. Picture to follow soon.

Meanwhile, I have managed to continue Sarah's 30 Day Drawing Challenge.

Day 26: Draw Something You Don't Like:

I firmly believe that bras are the shackles of women's liberation. If it were up to me, I say Burn Your Bras!! Perhaps I am biased because I don't really need one. My girls have never gotten any bigger than an A cup. This may be T.M.I. Sorry.

Here's the drawing in sepia:

And then I skipped to my 30 Day Drawing Challenge just to change things up. Drawing a quote that inspires me and remember it throughout the Challenge. This was easy to draw.

My brother wrote a great email to me recently where he said this:

Words of wisdom.

In the past 8+ months, I have gotten lost and found myself over and over again. Without going into detail, it is so fun to discover aspects of myself that I never knew existed. The people I have met along the way have also helped shape the person I am becoming and aspire to be. Hanging around creative people has been so inspiring that I don't want to leave Melaka at the end of the month. I won't be surprised if I find myself back here again in the near future.

But right now, I am craving some Thosai Masala with a glass of Teh Tarik at Saravanna's.

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