Monday, 9 January 2012

Three Days in One = Back on Track

Lundi 9th Janvier, 2012; 22:11
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: Missing Mary-Jane while needing new clothes and wanting an ice cream. Triple scoop.

Seriously epic torrential downpours these days in paradiseland. Running a quick errand today, I actually wore pants, then had to hike them to just below my knees before getting on the Scoopy. And everything is just so damp. Including my brain...

I wasn't kidding about the growing pile of snot rags next to my bed. Feel sorry for me *pouts*:

So the next three drawings are about something I want, need, and miss. Well, if I really drew these three things, it would actually be one drawing and reveal a certain young lad who left weeks ago. But I'll let him remain a mystery for you fine folks out there.

Instead, here are the alternatives along with practicing my French:

Day 21: Dessin Je Veux Quelque Chose (Draw Something I Want):
Cute boys aside, Je veux vraiment une creme de glace avec un cerise!

Visual translation:

Salivating as I finished up this drawing:

Day 22: Dessin Je Manque Quelque Chose (Draw Something I Miss):
No boy will I ever miss as much as I miss sweet Mary-Jane from BC. Just thinking about her brings me back to Wreck Beach on a hot day while cracking a cold beer with my best mate. Naked.

Can someone send me a care package? Perhaps in the form of Special Brownies? Austin?

Day 23: Dessin Je Besoin Quelque Chose (Draw Something I Need):
Word on the street is I need new threads for the TEFL course I'll be starting in a few weeks. Not only do I need to wear shirts or blouses with collar and sleeves, but I can only wear skirts below the knees or dress slacks. Worst of all, I have to wear (wait for it) - socks and shoes! The horror! Actually, I'm not sure which is worse, socks and shoes or (wait for it) - a bra! ***breaks into a cold sweat**

I haven't done a fashion illustration in forever. Pretty rusty. Je besoin des vetements professionel pour l'ecole:

Dylan, how did I do with my French?? Looking at that growing pile on the floor is making me feel yucky. Must get off bed and pick up after self. Feel sorry for me *pouts again*


  1. Hey Davie!

    I've finally caught up on all your posts. I'm loving them so much. What a fun challenge for such an amazing artist.

  2. so friggin cool you're still reading my blog. been following yours too whenever i can. can't believe it'll be the end of an era for you guys.

    looking forward to hanging out in van!