Monday, 2 January 2012

Finding Family and Inspiration on Facebook?

Lundi 2nd Janvier, 2012; 16:56
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: So that Facebook is not a TOTAL waste of time...

Man, I'm really loving Deadmau5 these days. The only thing missing when rocking out to these beats is some good ol' BC bud. Instead, I'm being productive and pumping out words here.

So new years came and went. Jasmine and I had our lovely Japanese neighbours over for dinner along with an old friend of Jasmine's, Julio; accompanied by his girlfriend Antonia.

Amazing Indian food was prepared by Jasmine. We broke out the wine and were all in good spirits. Later, Jasmine and I walked down our street to the soccer field where Michael Franti and guests were playing a benefit concert for the Bumi Sehat Birthing Clinic - two doors down from our house. Amazing stuff. Simply amazing. A great start to 2012.

Day 15: Draw a Family Picture:
Unfortunately, I don't have a complete photo of my immediate family with me (don't judge). So I had to get creative. Facebook. Love it and hate it. My sister Diane had tagged me in a very old picture; our first Christmas in Canada. This was before Diane and Day's time.

As much as I adore the photo, I admit to having a hard time drawing this family portrait. For one thing, it is very old and details are lost. Another thing, it's just hard to draw myself and, it seems family members.

And so, I have a family picture that is perfectly incomplete. I kinda like that it is not finished:

Close up of Dad, me, Cam and Mum. Not much of a resemblance but...:

Not every day is a stellar drawing day. I am okay with that.

Day 16: Draw an Inspiration:
Wow, where do I even start. Everyday is an inspiration for me. Waking up knowing all the possibilities out there is so exciting. And yet I was at a loss for what to draw. Then, I remembered a picture someone posted on Facebook. So I went back to that picture, downloaded it (again, don't judge) for reference.

It's actually not really a picture but a sort of manifesto. Similar to lululemon's. I love manifestos. I even have my own; before working for lulu. I think talking about my manifesto in my interview had something to do with getting the job. Is that true KC?

I picked out the mantra's (if you will) that resonated with me and recreated it here:

My personal favourite:

The Inspiration for the Inspiration:

I just bought another fun piece of fabric. I have no idea what I'm going to make but it's got giraffes printed on it. Giraffes!! And it's pink!


  1. this poster is actually hanging in my washroom. ur forced to look at it every time anyone uses it.