Saturday, 31 December 2011

Tales of Red Capes et a Bientot 2011

Samedi 31st Decembre, 2011; 17:58
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: What would happen if Superman and Little Red Riding Hood hooked up? Hmmmm, creepy.

Hmmm this is my last post for the year.

Today, in Flying Yoga class, the instructor asked each of us to talk about one thing we are proud of in 2011. This is how it went for me:
"Hello, my name is Davie. I am working with a wrist injury from RSI. I am proud that I just spent the past five hours finishing up the two drawings needed for today's post and to stay on top of this 30 Day Drawing Challenge" Some quizzical looks but I was beaming with pride. Achieving small goals daily will do that for me.

Day 13: Draw a Comic:
I thought long and hard on this one. I have always been a comic book fan and loved admiring the greatness of Stan Lee. As a tomboy, I wasn't into barbies or such similar foolishness. Instead, I wanted to be a super hero. I wanted to wear the tights. I wanted the lasso dangling off my hips. I wanted the cleavage that came with wearing a skimpy unitard. Most of all, I wanted the red cape. You know the one. I even wanted the curl in my hair but no such luck; I am Chinese after all.

I'm no Stan Lee or Alex Ross for that matter. But here's the effort. Work in progress:

Getting the foreshortening to look decent was killer:

My all-time comic book hero, hands down:

Close up. Because I spent hours drawing this babe:

Day 14: Draw a Fairytale:
After drawing the red caped crusader, I was onto another red cape. But of a totally different kind. The reason I picked this fairytale is because I love the darkness of this tale. I mean a wolf dressed as a granny, waiting in bed for the granddaughter? Freaky shit yo!

Visualizing how this style of drawing will play out:

Adding some shades for texture and dimension:

Finishing off with a touch of red:

My last post for 2011. Short and sweet. And red.

Michael Franti and guests are playing in the soccer field on my street. Say that again? And where am I ? Oh yeah, still in P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E. This shtuff never gets old.


  1. I must say you can REALLY draw! Great work!

  2. awww thanks asmin! i'm really enjoying this challenge and actually have been thinking about creating one after this is done. I want to keep the momentum going