Sunday, 18 December 2011

...And I Like to Do Draw-rings...

Monday December 19th, 2011; 10:31
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: Well you know my name is Simon...

My friend, sweet Sarah S is currently planning her epic World Beach Tour with her boyfriend. A.k.a., THE trip, she has been blogging about the preparations for THE trip.

In one of her entries, she wrote about a 30 Day Drawing Challenge. My ears and pencil perked up. Like her, over the years, I had become creatively uninspired as well. Granted, I did have bouts of immense creativity but they were sporadic. My day-to-day job of the past three years did not help - one of the main reasons I quit to go travel. And while I've had spontaneous drawing moments on my travels, this challenge could actually provide me with some, dare I say it, structure in my life. **gulp**

But I am always up for a 30 Day Challenge and doing new things! And I'm kind of an over achiever.

Day 1: Draw Myself. **another gulp**  I haven't done a self portrait since highschool.

But here is my first attempt:

I decided to ease into this portrait by looking out my window and then into a mirror. I didn't want to draw a straight forward portrait. I had spent five years in highschool doing that and had enough.

Day 2: Draw My Favourite Animal:
This one was easy. And great to draw. And quite appropriate as I look forward to 2012, the Year of the Dragon. My year!!

First draft. Drawing intently and enjoying every moment of it:

Second draft. Adding shade details:

Where do you think my dragon will go? Stay tuned:

Day Three's challenge: Draw my favourite fruit. Day Four: My Favourite Place.

Check back here in a few days and hopefully I'll have something for ya!

Maybe I'm plugging my friend, maybe not. But check out Sarah's blog:


  1. I think you drew a western dragon, not a Chinese dragon?

  2. i'm not picky whether it's western or chinese. i'm both! it's kinda western because of the wings and then chinese because of the claws. but no worries. I love the shape and it will go nicely with a-hem others

  3. Love this post Davie....can't wait to see what you draw next.