Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Scoopy and A Davie

Friday December 9th, 2011; 09:22
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: My sweet Pink ride.

My first two weeks back in Ubud meant that I would need some form of transportation vehicle. It had been months since I drove a motorbike, Pai time to be exact. That was back in July. Since then, I'd been pedaling two wheelers with great joy in the countries I wandered into. And always with a front basket. A basket!

After I found my wonderful home in the tiny village of Nyuh Kuning, I also found a red bicycle to carry me around my explorations. A few days in, I quickly realized that the seat was hurting my nether regions. I thought, hmmm time to graduate to bigger and better things.

But I had paid for the two weeks already so I bit the bullet and endured moments of crushing discomfort in that nether region. Cycling to the Ubud Fitness Center was already a workout in itself, never mind the 5km run on the treadmill afterwards. I'd run outside but there are two things stopping me. First, I can't get up early enough for the cooler air. Second, if and when I did run outside during the day, the humidity just killed me. But I'm just making excuses.

One day, Jasmine, my house mate had seen me walking up in Penestanan Village, quite a ways from our home. I don't know if she felt sorry for me or realized it was time for me to get on a motorbike but she suggested I get on one. I was happy to oblige albeit the split second fear of crashing again. Remember back in Koh Tao? If not, check out that post:

A couple of days later, the sweetest lil Scoopy arrived at our house. Oh my!

Am I a kid in a candy store again? Absoluement! It was everything I needed in ma' ride - light, stylish, in excellent condition. And Pink!! With a matching Scoopy helmet. All so bubbiliciously yummy.

After a quick overview with Jasmine, we checked the fuel gauge. It was conveniently at almost empty. So Balinese. That meant I had to fill 'er up. So we fired up our engines for my first solo ride in months. Of course as soon as we hit the road, Bali's torrential rain came a' knocking on our helmets. It's still rainy season here. But fear not for I am fearless!

Jasmine's praise on my first ride was enough validation for me. Since then, I have been bombing around the villages on my scrumptious Scoopy, beaming from ear to ear in my daily routine.

How delicious is this scene? Like two peas in a pod:

Wanderings on my motorbike leave me with a sense of freedom. I don't even mind that my helmet is one size too big, it just allows for cool breezes to sneak through my hair.

Picking up my bed linens when I don't feel like walking up the street to get them. No biggie. **silently squeals in delight**

I may just have to invest in one of these cuties when I get back to Canada...Pink of course. With matching helmet, oh yeah.


  1. Get a electric scooter on Robson. If you get all pink then you can ride in the pride parade!

  2. Are you kidding, I drive my scooter around cherry st and the beaches for hours, just cuz it's so much fun!

  3. me too!! well, i bomb around the other villages around Ubud. i feel like i'm in a different time whenever i get on the Scoopy (: