Thursday, 22 December 2011

More Draw-rings. And Distractions

Thursday December 22nd, 2011; 19:52
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: I may need to use mind mapping to stay on course...

So here's the thing, I'm living on Bali time. Ubud time to be exact. This 30 Day Drawing Challenge is already behind schedule. But wait!! I have an excuse. I'm still drawing everyday since I started this challenge, I just haven't kept to the schedule.

For anyone who knows me or if you've been following my blogs, you know I digress easily. My thoughts are always running wild. Usually about boys. And yep, still that same bloody boy! Gawd. I even emailed M.Feldman to help me with finding a mind mapping program so I can get my thoughts sorted out. I have a million and one ideas. You know those types of thoughts: "...and then, I'll do this. And then, I'll do that. And then. And then...."

Back to the Drawing Challenge!

Day 3: Draw My Favourite Fruit:
This one was also easy. I decided to have fun with it. I've been doing a lot of yoga lately and it's always on the brain - yoga and mangoes that is. Among a million and one other things...

Yoga and mangoes. Yangoes? Mang-om? Ah-hahaha. **slaps hands on knees and laughs out loud**

Day 4: Draw My Favourite Place:
This was a tough one. I have so many favourite places I couldn't decide. So I cheated a bit here. I actually drew this a few weeks ago. December 1st to be exact. Before this challenge; does it count?? On Day 4, I was actually drawing something else....

...but here is one of my favourite places in Ubud - up in the rice terraces if you keep going north on Jalan Andong:

So the other something I was drawing on Day 4 was happening at my favourite eatery, Warung Sopa. Does it count to be in one of my favourite places while drawing something completely off topic?

Madly sketching and thinking I should be drawing my favourite place:

Work In Progress:

Finished both left and right wing in one day! Yes, each side is slightly different:

Today is supposed to be Day 5: Draw My Best Friend.

Instead, I went to White Sand Beach with my friends. Does it count that my best mate's last name is White? I mean, I am thinking about him. It's just that the waves were distracting me.

Like, look at this! I didn't even try to pick up my pencil. Confession: I didn't even bring my pencil:

Gonna have to do double duty tomorrow: Draw the best mate. And Day 6: Draw My Favourite Book Character; cannot be a movie. No boy dreams for me tonight ):

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  1. Can I have a print of the wings? I might print them on a shirt!