Sunday, 25 December 2011

Joe Cool and the F Word

Sunday December 25th, 2011; 18:48
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: A dog and a word. Word.

It's Christmas?! I almost forgot. It's actually quite refreshing. Bali is the only Hindu State in Indonesia so today is just a regular day. And I wouldn't want it any other way. Besides, everyday has been Christmas since I left Vancouver to traverse this side of the world.

So as just another day, I went about my daily routine of doing my draw-rings, cracking coconuts and scooting around on my Scoopy. Today, I went to Sayan with my Japanese neighbour Osamu to hear him play the piano at the posh Bali Wood Resort. This tucked away hideout was quirky and stunning.

The lounge area was a gigantic open space of opulence. Osamu is behind the piano on the left side:

After a rainy drive back to my village, I cracked open another coconut, threw in a mango and papaya. Et voila! Another Drink of the Gods.

Day 7: Draw My Favourite Word:
This one was kinda tough. I have so many favourites. While running them through my head, I was amused at the realization that I love four lettered words. Love. Dude. Yoga. Mont (my best mate's nickname). Sexy. Food. Ubud.

My friend Blair recently wrote on my FB wall: I love your life. It made think I love my life too. Why? 

Then, I finally settled on one that best described how I feel about my current life:

I love this word so much I went crazy!

While downing glass after glass of that nectar juice, I set to work on my next drawing. **Notices some ants in the drink. Drinks it anyway**   Hmmm, you can clean the backpacker but she's still a dirtbag....Ants have protein don't they?

Day 8: Draw My Favourite Animated Character:
Oh this one was fun! I have been enamoured by this dog for as long as I can remember. When I first got my Scoopy, I immediately thought of replacing the 'c' with 'n'. But the rental dude would not be amused so I settled for thinking 'Hey it's like if Snoopy and Scooby were gay for each other, they'd be Scoopy!' Ah-hahaha

Sketching the outline:

Putting some coloured pencils into action. Faber Castell, I heart thee:

Seriously, this beagle is thee Joe Cool:

Tomorrow's challenge is an easy one! But the day after is a bit harder. Wow, I'm on track! Funny how I thought I needed this mind mapping thingy to sort out my thoughts. My pencils and fingers have been sorting themselves out for me. I hope I haven't spoke too soon.


  1. Love your drawings! Not sure how mine will turn out cuz I'm really rusty!

  2. thanks hon! don't worry about how it will turn out. just get your hands loose first. and don't worry about it not looking 'good'

    when do you plan to start your challenge?? you'll have to take some photos and send them to me (privately if you prefer)