Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Couch Surfers and a Sunrise

Thursday December 8th, 2011; 11:02
Location: Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Why: What do early bird CSers get? Check it out!

Nadi Shaki Class + Veggie Nasi Campur = Muscles For Another Post baby!

As I was taking in the beautiful sunset with my new couch surfer friends and Magda the other night, we concocted a plan for a day trip to see a sunrise.

The plan: Jatiluwih-Mumbul-Bedugul-Munduk. With seven of us, it was going to be a big party.

Then there was only five. No worries, we thought, just go with the flow. So at the ungodly hour of 3:30am (AM!), Magda, Carol, Debbi and I made our way to our driver's van and off we went to pick up a non couch surfer, Kasha. Since it was still dark, I stole some more ZZZZs before anything worth seeing happened.

Along we drove, through winding bends, up and down the hillsides of Bali. Gorgeous.

Our first stop in Jatiluwih was upon a clearing where the morning sun tickled our weary eyes. As I have mentioned in my previous post, my lil digi-cam, while mighty and cute, could only capture a fraction of the beauty before us. But here is her attempt:

As the Bali Sun made her ascent into the new day, she cast a lovely glow on the mountains around us. It was amazing to watch the subtle colours evolve by the minute:

Saluting the sun as her reflection on the mountains morphed into a deep gold. Already, I am in love with the day and it's offerings:

Here is Magda capturing the morning magic with a much better suited camera:

One of the main reasons for this day trip besides capturing a sunrise, was to see the ultimate rice fields Bali has to offer. She did not disappoint. With the volcanoes and mountains serving as the backdrop, you couldn't make up this kind of magic, even with Dumbledore's wand.

It is harvest season. Hence the fields are not the famous lush green colour but light amber shade instead:

Meeting a local who happily obliged to a photo op:

As we marveled at the rising day and scenery before us, conversations about broken ankles (Carol is a doctor), travel stories and laughs abounded over cups of Balinese coffee and goreng goreng. Then we piled back into the van for more exploration. 

We came upon a promising hot spring but were met with disappointment. Instead, we got this delicious view, my favourite of the day:

So much colour and life. Breathtaking vistas. Mists in the mountains as we climbed higher and higher into the sky. It really was a special journey into the depths of Bali made even more special with my fellow friends.

Finally, it was time to put some food into our bellies. They had been filled with goreng goreng throughout the day and needed some real sustenance. After following a Cafe Tahu sign for 6km, we came upon said restaurant for all dishes Tahu (tofu).

Kasha was kind enough to snap this photo of the four couch surfers. L-R: Debbi, Magda, Carol, Me:

If you wanna meet great people on your travels, get on couch surfing! Even if you're not globe wandering, you can still get on CS and meet up with like-minded people (read: adventurous types) and make new friends. The world is smaller than you think. Maybe this is a CS plug, maybe not. But either way, Go Travel The World!!


  1. Your texts talk to me like you are right next to my ears! Seriously!

  2. Your hair is getting so long! Bali looks delicious. Thank you for muscling up for another post - it was beautiful being able to share the sunrise trip and the farms that came after.

    Hope all is well miss!

  3. I LOVE reading your blog Davie! You look and sound so happy & relaxed!!! How do you get into Couch Surfing?

  4. Austin! I laughed out loud when we got to bedugul. seriously out loud. luckily, magda understood. the other two girls just looked at me funny.

    Solseng! I think I may have already replied to you about CS. It's really easy to set up. Just google couch surfing and it will show up. Follow the sign prompts and in no time you should be set up.

    hugs to you both,