Saturday, 21 January 2012

Talking Shop with Artists, Intellects and A Monkey.

Vendredi 21st Janvier 2012; 16:49
Location: Melaka Malaysia
Why: Monkeying around in Melaka's Baboon House.

Hanging out at the Baboon House in Melaka's Chinatown this afternoon in the company of other artists and intellects feels like home. Like I belong somewhere. If I wasn't heading up to Chiang Mai for my TEFL training course, I would be on the hunt for a studio and in search of copious amounts of art supplies.

Instead, the next best thing is talking art shop with actors, writers and artists. And a man name Goh Khee Wei, an expert on monkeys. We have been indulging in his baby monkey, ten week old Keysa for hours. Jazz is playing on the sound system while the owner Roger's dog Roro is playfully scampering around our feet. Roger, a gracious young man is keeping our drinks full as we converse on everything ending with the ubiquitous Chinese "la" after each sentence.

Keysa just hanging out in a cloth bag, no biggie:

The artsy Baboon House Cafe:

I love my life.

Oh and Sam, the owner of Jalan Jalan messed up some bookings so the Young German and I have to share a single room tonight. This will be um, very interesting. But you know I don't kiss and tell. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Tonight is Open Mic night at Voyage Traveller's Cafe where these very artists will be doing spoken word, music and live performances. The Young German will be doing an interpretative performance based on the German novel Faust we picked up today at the Second Hand Books shop. It is indeed an idyllic life these days.

And I finally sorted out my 30 Day Drawing Challenge. Feel free to do it with me:

Unlike my friend's challenge where I posted every day's challenge, (well up until Day 25), I will randomly post my drawings where applicable or where inventory (as my friend Asmin called it) is available.

So tonight sees promise of an evening filled with inspiration of impromptu artistic expression. I am exactly where I am suppose to be right now. In the present.


  1. glad you like the challenge list. think you'll do it with me? we should start a movement!!